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Turffalo Is Your #1 Turf Grass Solution

Find out what thousands have already learned first hand: the most beautiful turfgrass is also the one that uses half the water and maintenance of other turfgrasses! Turffalo grasses are fine-bladed, dark green and high quality... yet no other grass uses less water than Turffalo's Tech Turf... and no other warm season grass grows in 80% shade like Shadow Turf!

What You Need To Know About Turffalo

Turffalo worked for over 15 years to bring you the newest turf technology on the market. Turffalo grasses are designed to work together in the same lawn, Tech Turf for sunny areas, and Shadow Turf for shade. Together they offer a complete solution for growing the perfect lawn.

Half The Water, Half The Mowing

Did you know that over 70% of the average homeowner's water usage is spent on their lawn? Planting Tech Turf turfgrass conserves water, and is not only environmentally responsible, but can also results in significant money savings. Tech Turf has a slow vertical growth that requires about half the mowing of other turfgrasses to maintain a long-lasting manicured look.

Turffalo's Turfgrass Technology

Turffalo grasses are shipped in flats of 72 plugs, which are usually planted at 12-inch spacing. At this spacing, Tech Turf typically covers completely in about forty days, and Shadow Turf covers in one growing season. Turffalo's turfgrass technology is patent-protected to insure the grass you plant is the genuine article, and provide you with the ultimate environmentally sustainable lawn.