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Our Founder

Dan Ryan is the visionary who developed Turffalo. In the late 1980's, Dan recognized the importance of water conservation. One of his favorite quotes was: "one day water will be as valuable as oil." Knowing how much water is consumed by lawns, he worked to develop a turfgrass that was both beautiful and water wise. He selected several germplasms of native grasses that held promise, and over the course of fifteen years the final result was Tech Turf. Dan Ryan passed away on September 23, 2006. But before he left, he was able to see his wonderful grass being planted in lawns across the Southwest. He would be proud of the progress Turffalo has made!

Our Company

Turffalo's parent company is Frontier Hybrids. An agricultural company established in 1985 by Dan and Donna Ryan, which distributes top quality native grass seed, hybrid corn, grain sorghum, alfalfa and grazers. Frontier is well known in the industry for having excellent products, service and competitive pricing. Frontier’s facility is located in Abernathy, Texas just 18 miles north of Lubbock at the intersection of I-27 and exit 24. If you're ever in the area, stop in and see us. Also, visit the Frontier website: www.frontierhybrids.com