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Turffalo Advantages

Unlike many other grasses, Turffalo establishes beautifully from plugs. They are shipped in flats that each contain 72 plugs. These are typically planted at 12 inch spacing. Tech Turf will completely cover in 30 to 40 days. Shadow Turf will cover in just a few months. Here are some advantages of Turffalo plugs:

  • Reliable – Plugs won't wash or blow away like seeds. Also, germination is not a problem since every seed is past the crucial initial stage.

  • Perfect Turf – Plugs form a perfect turf that is free of the seam lines that are often difficult to get rid of when installing sod.

  • Cost – By adjusting the spacing of the plugs, just about any reasonable budgetary requirements are well within reach.

  • Easy Installation – Plugs are much easier to install than sod. Also, plugs have a very broad window of installation as they will survive for several weeks in the flats, unlike sod that must be installed within 24 hours.

  • Conserve Water – Both sod and seed require a tremendous amount of water to properly establish. Plugs, on the other hand, require relatively little water to establish.

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