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Turffalo Installation and Care Guide

Quality & Durability

Tech Turf is typically compared to Bermuda grass in terms of density, blade width, color and durability. However, Tech Turf is actually a much softer grass that far exceeds Bermuda grass in performance since it requires half the water and half the mowing of Bermuda.


Bermuda grass requires at least 4” of water per month to stay green. So for every 1,000 sq ft, this equals a minimum of 2,494 gallons of water per month. Turffalo brand Tech Turf requires 2” of water per month to stay green (one watering of 1/2” per week). That equals 1,247 gallons of water per month for every 1,000 sq ft and savings of the same amount. It’s incredible drought-resistance is due to the eight to ten foot root system that it establishes – much deeper than other grasses.


Using a conservative baseline of one half labor hour per 1000 sq ft for weekly maintenance, Bermuda grass requires an average of 2 labor hour per month per 1000 sq ft. At a cost of $8.00 per labor hour and $3.00 per hour for fuel and oil, this equals $22 per month. Tech Turf grows to a maximum height of about five inches, so in some applications, it never needs mowing. If mowing is desired, slow vertical growth requires half as much mowing as Bermuda grass.

Turffalo Total Savings for 5,000 sq ft (average home lawn size)
Monthly: $110 in maintenance and 6,235 gallons of water
Annually: $770 in maintenance and 43,645 gallons of water (based on a 7-month growing season)

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